EightWest – A New Show About West Michigan

24 09 2009


EightWest Grand Rapids Recently announced is a new TV show called EightWest. I wouldn’t normally talk about a TV show but this one is different. EightWest is billed as ” a vibrant one-hour destination for everything West Michigan”. It is hosted by Terri DeBoer of Storm Team 8 fame and Rachael Ruiz of 24 hour News 8 at Noon. These two ladies are high octane and are sure to pump that energy into their new show. I think there is a niche for a TV show like this and from a Grand Rapids real estate standpoint, I’m excited  to see how it unfolds. Some of the topics likely to be covered will be family, technology, food, finances, health and more and it will be a good tool to showcase Grand Rapids!

West Michigan is a beautiful place to live, work and play. There is something Grand Rapids Relocation for everyone from world class golf courses, excellent fishing for salmon and trout right in the center of town on the Grand Rapids Fish Ladder and recreational watersports opportunity galore on the many lakes and rivers. There are some great bistros and restaurants in town, plenty of nightlife to enjoy as well as museums and art galleries to visit. In fact, Grand Rapids is hosting it’s first ever ArtPrize contest. The largest art prize of its kind in the world, Artprize is an exciting arena where established and emerging artists are afforded the chance to show off their work. Visitors cast their vote and the winner gets the big prize of $250,000.

There has never been a better opportunity to own a home in West Michigan. Interest rates are still low, property values have drastically dropped and you still have time to take advantage of the $8000 Tax Credit. If you are considering a move to West Michigan, visit my website and request one of our relocation packages or contact me anytime.




8 responses

7 10 2009
Judy Tyler

Great new show! Why is the music so loud? You can hardly hear Rachael and Terri talking. I’m sure you will get the kinks out. Keep up the good work!

20 10 2009
Christina Reeves

Could you get a show doing a spot on On the Town Magazine? I hear it is a very interesting magazine, with everything from Newest Resturants, and Local Openings, Books, etc

23 11 2009
Lynee Karamol

I would love the opportunity to have eight west come in and do a show on my new Local art gallery, that features over 40 local artist from the grand rapids area.

9 12 2009

Lynee, I’ll forward your request to the Eightwest team.

30 12 2009
Shawn Church

I saw the show today with Racheal’s resolutions and I have a suggestion to hit two of them. She mentioned that she still has homecoming dresses, prom dresses, etc. What about making a memory quilt for that new baby girl? You take pieces of your clothing that envokes memories (ie wedding dress, prom dress) and ask for pieces from friends and family such as dad’s favorite flannel, grandma’s handkercheif, a tablecloth that was an heirloom and quilt them together. You don’t feel guilty about throwing them out, it’s a beautiful way to display them and what a great gift for your daughter. Not to mention that you get your closet cleaned out and sew something…only 3 more resolutions to go 🙂

12 02 2010
John Stamos

Hey girls great show! Maybe you can have me on sometime. I am a HUGE fan of that intro music. Ba Ba Da Ba Dum Bit Da Dat Ta Da Ba Ba Da Ba Dum!

-John Stamos

29 03 2010
Sandy Ralya

Eight West should do a show focused on a woman’s need and desire for mentoring in her marriage. Marriage is hard work! Where are all the mentors?

20 04 2010
Jill Berghuis

I love the show, it always is so upbeat and has great topics. I would love the opportunity to discuss my own business with the ladies. I truly believe in women empowerment and could bring a great topic to the show. As what Sandy said before about marriage mentors; I am one woman you’d love to have as a marriage mentor! I am an independent consultant with Slumber Parties.

When a woman is educated and aware of her own wants, needs and desires, it will enhance the opportunity for success in all other areas of her life. At the Slumber Parties party, she will learn new ideas, special techniques and sample the exciting products, while reaping the rewards of an enhanced love life. Creating the perfect setting to bond with friends, have a great time and share the secret joys that only Slumber Parties’ products can bring. We believe in romance, fun, love and creativity.

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