Staging Your Grand Rapids Home or Condo

21 12 2008


Home Staging – This Isn’t Your Mom’s Living Room Anymore


Grand Rapids Home Staging Inventory! If you are a homeowner in the Grand Rapids housing market and are thinking about selling your home or already have it on the market, then this is a term that you are going to be hearing often. There are a lot of homes on the market today. In fact, on our local board, the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR), there are ~10,000 homes and condos for sale right now. That means that in any given neighborhood, your listing will have competition. In most of the condo developments and downtown Grand Rapids condos, there will be multiple units for sale. But this can be a good thing and you can use this to your advantage. This is where Staging Your Home can give you that advantage.


So what is Home Staging? Home Staging goes beyond cleaning and decorating. Staging is what you do after you have cleaned, painted, made minor repairs and decluttered. It’s about creating a mood. Staging can make your house look bigger, brighter, warmer, more loving and most importantly, staging can make homebuyers want to buy your home. Homes that sell fast in any given market share 3 similar facts;

  1. They are priced competitively with respect to similar listings.
  2. They show like model homes.
  3. Their agents use powerful and strategic marketing combined with great photos.

 The Dramatic! – (results may vary)

Before Staging After Staging


The Subtle! (more realistic)

Before Staging After Staging


In many cases staging your home involves subtle changes. Some cases require the dramatic renovation/repaint of a room but for the majority of circumstances, it is simple placement of furniture, good lighting, soft music playing and general decluttering of walls and counter space. If your home is vacant then it becomes even more important to have it staged. A vacant home is empty and cold while a staged vacant home is much warmer. Your Home Staging professional will have ‘props’ that highlight and focus attention on your home’s greatest features.


Home Staging


If you are going to stage it, do it the right way. Remember that you are investing your hard-earned cash. Using an Accredited Staging Professional is a must. Your home sells faster, it will get a better price and you can move into your next home quicker, taking advantage of this market and low interest rates.


For more information on the marketing that I use to sell homes and condos in the Grand Rapids area, visit my website at or contact me any time.





One response

23 12 2008
Eric- New Orleans Condos and Lofts

You are so right! Every little detail helps. The last 3 condos that I sold were in A plus shape and decorated to the max. It matters now more than ever.

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